Thursday, September 29, 2011

St Paul Minnesota

Purpose of Visit: A fantastic creative conference in St Paul. I also feel a bit silly saying that flying out of the Provo airport for the first time on Frontier was part of the motivation to take a tip eastward. It was fantastic. Parking was $14.00....for the whole trip and we just waked across the street to get to the terminal. I am already dreading my next flight out of SLC.

Best Thing I Ate: Eggplant Parmesan at Tucci Benucci in the Mall of America. It was so good - breaded and fried with only a bit of mozzerella melted on the top. The 3 pcs of eggplant were placed on top of a pile of pasta . We also drove out to the fantastic little town of Stillwater MN to the store/studio of a paper company mara mia. They had a fun little cafe in the store and I bought a salted nut bar -wow it was tasty.

I need to figure out how to replicate both of these recipes.

Favorite Purchase: Hard to say - I bought cute vintage paper and a few things at an antique shop in Stillwater, and a couple of dresses at H&M.

Inspiration: So much inspiration on this trip - I took a steel jewelry class and an art journaling class that both inspired me to learn more. I also discovered a new blog they sew a new dress every week - I know nothing about sewing but this might be a fun way to learn to sew.

Freak of the day: No freaks - everyone at the conference was nice and so friendly.

Biggest Disappointment: Mall of America - sad to say.

Favorite Airport Find: At the St Paul airport the have a big baggage scale. I love that I was able to find out that my bag weighed 52 lbs before I got to the ticketing line.

So happy to fly back to the Provo airport - the trip from the airport to home was only 15 minutes
and when did Frontier start serving warm chocolate chip cookies as the inflight smack ---yumm.

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