Thursday, June 7, 2012

And in other news.....

We made a return visit to the animal ER on Sunday morning when sweet Ruby Foo had another vomiting passing out, eyes rolling to the back of her head and foaming at the mouth episodes. She aspurated vomit into her lungs and was treated for phenomia. It was a super fun Sunday! She will need to have a surgery to remove part of the soft pallet in her mouth. During this visit they took an xray of her chest to look at her lungs and they noticed that 2 of the disks in her spine are fused together - so it looks like she will need back surgery down the road........she is really the million dollar dog. Good thing for her I like her so much.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Remember when I got to the airport at 3 am?.... .

and I was the only person there- My last work trip was a long one 9 days in Toronto, Boston and NYC. The first time I flew to Toronto I arrived at the airport 60 min before my flight and they were not going to let me on the flight because it was an international flight and I should have been there 2 hours before the flight. So that only added to my complete nurotic getting the the airport issues. So the flight left at 6:00 am so I decided to get to the airprt at 3:30 am - this is what the airport looks like at 3:30 am - I was the only person there - it was so strange. So for future travel I need to remember the Delta ticketing gate does not evn open until 4:30.

On my desk

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...... on my desk. Everywhere I look I see Christmas - candy, packaging, graphics. I am already over Christmas and it is only June!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another crazy cab ride

I have such strange experiences taking cabs to and from the airport in almost every city but esp. New York. On my latest trip to NYC I was so relieved when I got into my cab on a bright and early Friday morning and the driver was an older Russian woman. It was awesome, quiet ride into the city with no idle chit cat I was even able to take a quick nap. When we got into the city and the quiet Russian was hit by a black car. She rolled down her window and the driver of the other car rolled down her window and they proceeded to scream at each other for about 5 minutes- there were lots of f- words, b- words and an occasional c- word. "you get out of that cab you mother f *-ing b -word and I will show you who has an f*ing problem" - all of this before 8 am - Good Morning New York City I Love You!

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