Friday, September 30, 2011

Unique For Sure!

"Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else's life."

OLW Blog Hop - October

Welcome October!
My favorite month by far.
I am still involved in the really fun online class One Little Word. As a reminder my word is MOVE. There are only 3 months left for me to focus on my little word so I have been reflecting on the changes that have come about in my life that were inspired in part my my little word and also the things I still want to accomplish before the year comes to an end..
1- I moved on from a part time job, after 12 years, that I no longer felt inspired by. I am amazed at how much energy this was draining from me. I had one of the greatest summers ever partially because of all of the freedom and stored up energy I felt.

2- I made some significant movement on finalizing packaging for my line of honey and honey related items. I have decided to name the line Honey House 585 and here is my logo.

The inspiration for the 585 in the name came from part of the address where I grew up. Where I learned to love gardening and where a few of my beehives are located. I am going to move to finalizing all products and packaging during the month of October.

3- I moved my gardening plot from a small, little spot to a huge spot and I planted the largest garden I have ever planted. I planted 15 varieties of heirloom tomatoes among many other things including flowers which has been quite the source of controversy among many of the older neighbors. My favorite part about gardening this year was getting to know all of the neighbors, some days it was hard to get anything done because of people stopping by to chit chat. It was great. I made a ton on mistakes that I am hoping to learn from and not repeat.

If you are here for the blog hop please move on to Jill's beautiful blog, you will not be disappointed
If you get lost along the way you can stop by any of these other blogs to get back on track.
Julie Ann

Thursday, September 29, 2011

St Paul Minnesota

Purpose of Visit: A fantastic creative conference in St Paul. I also feel a bit silly saying that flying out of the Provo airport for the first time on Frontier was part of the motivation to take a tip eastward. It was fantastic. Parking was $14.00....for the whole trip and we just waked across the street to get to the terminal. I am already dreading my next flight out of SLC.

Best Thing I Ate: Eggplant Parmesan at Tucci Benucci in the Mall of America. It was so good - breaded and fried with only a bit of mozzerella melted on the top. The 3 pcs of eggplant were placed on top of a pile of pasta . We also drove out to the fantastic little town of Stillwater MN to the store/studio of a paper company mara mia. They had a fun little cafe in the store and I bought a salted nut bar -wow it was tasty.

I need to figure out how to replicate both of these recipes.

Favorite Purchase: Hard to say - I bought cute vintage paper and a few things at an antique shop in Stillwater, and a couple of dresses at H&M.

Inspiration: So much inspiration on this trip - I took a steel jewelry class and an art journaling class that both inspired me to learn more. I also discovered a new blog they sew a new dress every week - I know nothing about sewing but this might be a fun way to learn to sew.

Freak of the day: No freaks - everyone at the conference was nice and so friendly.

Biggest Disappointment: Mall of America - sad to say.

Favorite Airport Find: At the St Paul airport the have a big baggage scale. I love that I was able to find out that my bag weighed 52 lbs before I got to the ticketing line.

So happy to fly back to the Provo airport - the trip from the airport to home was only 15 minutes
and when did Frontier start serving warm chocolate chip cookies as the inflight smack ---yumm.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Babysitting Recap

My time with Jake Kaycie and Riley has come to an end.....well a few weeks ago. We were having so much fun I did not have time to record all of our fun. So here is a brief recap-
Day 4-
Kaycie and I went to SLC to see the musiclal Joseph at the Hale Center Theater.
Me: What was your favorite part of the play?
Kaycie: Joseph was hot. Did you see his 6 pack?

Saturday also brought the grand return of Jake. We all went to my parents house, ate nachos, and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (old school version) and the Lady in White.
Before going to bed Kaycie, Riley and I made worry fun.
Day 5 -
Sunday - day of rest for sure! Riley slept until 11:30, Kaycie was not feeling well and stayed in her room until around 3. I went home to do some work and ended up taking a long nap with Ruby Foo.
After we were all rested Jake, Riley and I went down to my garden and picked some food for our chickens. We also caught grasshoppers to feed to the chickens....sorry peta it had to be done. I hate grasshoppers.

We made zoku ice cream pops in the following flavors - pumpkin pie, chocolate malt balls and orange creamcicle.
Day 6
Labor Day
Jake and I removed the honey from 2 hives and then extracted it. I have 3 more hives to take the honey from and Jake has 2. Jake spoke in a British accent for most of the day.
Day 7
Last Day
Exhausted - I watched an episode of Happy Days before i left for home......that made me super happy.
So excited to get back to my own house and my own bed!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adventures in babysittting day 3

Today Kaycie called me at work to tell me she had been elected class rep. She was super, excited and kept saying she was so proud of herself. It was awesome. So to celebrate Kaycie's good news we went out for dinner at cracker barrel. After dinner they each picked out a $5 toy. Riley got a dinosaur encapsulated in a chalk like egg. We took it to my house and excavated it - Riley named it lovey and carried it around all night. He said he was excited to have his own pet. He told Kaycie whe already had her own pet "and it's name is coco"

While we were at my house we continued to work on the birthday countdown calendar - there was more talk of Jesus -(being with Jesus is more fun than a carnival) and lots of excited talk about student government - meetings, t-shirts, service projects ........she is going to have so much fun. I am so excited for her.
While we were sleeping Riley woke me up and asked me if I could breath less loud. He then demonstrated how I was breathing and then how he would like me to breath.

There were a couple of phone calls from Jake today - he has been a bit MIA. In one phone call he was speaking in a British acent - he was pretty good at it. He ended the conversation with Pip Pip Cheerio

Friday, September 2, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting Day 2

Kaycie made scrambled eggs for Riley for breakfast.
Me - kaycie is so sweet to make you breakfast.
Riley - not as sweet as Jesus
Who exactly is his Sunday School teacher?

Driving around in my car Kaycie and I were talking about our chickens -
Kaycie - I sure wish our chickens would lay eggs.
Riley - I know I really want baby chicks.
Me- Riley, there will not be any baby chicks. We would need a boy chicken to have chicks and we only have girls.
Riley - Why do you need a boy chicken?
Kaycie - Oh my gosh I can not believe we are having this conversation with him.
Riley - Let's just get a boy chicken and he can marry all of the girls and they can all have babies and live happily ever after.

We went to my house to work on a birthday countdown calendar for Riley - because September is his birthday month. On the way into the house we were attacked by a swarm of mosquitos and it totally freaked Riley out. He started crying hysterically because he was going to die from mosquito bites.

Fighting off mosquitos is tough work!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting Day 1

I am staying with Jake, Kaycie and Riley for the week and I am going
to record our daily happenings here on my blog-

Kaycie and Riley were doing homework and Riley told her - she was not
as smart as Jesus

While we were getting ready for bed and talking about going to
Kindergarten the next day-
Riley - I wish I was 2 years old
Me - why?
Riley - then jack and I could play all day long and have a much easier

Riley singing - chick a boom chick a boom

Riley made hats to wear while doing homework.