Friday, September 30, 2011

OLW Blog Hop - October

Welcome October!
My favorite month by far.
I am still involved in the really fun online class One Little Word. As a reminder my word is MOVE. There are only 3 months left for me to focus on my little word so I have been reflecting on the changes that have come about in my life that were inspired in part my my little word and also the things I still want to accomplish before the year comes to an end..
1- I moved on from a part time job, after 12 years, that I no longer felt inspired by. I am amazed at how much energy this was draining from me. I had one of the greatest summers ever partially because of all of the freedom and stored up energy I felt.

2- I made some significant movement on finalizing packaging for my line of honey and honey related items. I have decided to name the line Honey House 585 and here is my logo.

The inspiration for the 585 in the name came from part of the address where I grew up. Where I learned to love gardening and where a few of my beehives are located. I am going to move to finalizing all products and packaging during the month of October.

3- I moved my gardening plot from a small, little spot to a huge spot and I planted the largest garden I have ever planted. I planted 15 varieties of heirloom tomatoes among many other things including flowers which has been quite the source of controversy among many of the older neighbors. My favorite part about gardening this year was getting to know all of the neighbors, some days it was hard to get anything done because of people stopping by to chit chat. It was great. I made a ton on mistakes that I am hoping to learn from and not repeat.

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Julie Ann