Friday, August 29, 2008


Whether you love him or hate him you MUST admit this was amazing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amazon recommended for you........

Every so often Amazon emails me books that they think fits into my "profile". This is the book they had for me yesterday......thanks a lot Amazon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Love this

Look what a vendor sent to me the other day. This ribbon is made from recycled plastic bottles. I love it. It looks and feels just like to single face satin we are using now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Family Fun

We spent the weekend at a family camping extravaganza at our cabin.  Early Saturday morning Casey and Joy made ebleskivers and put together an omelet bar that was delicious. 

After breakfast there was the mandatory family reunion water fight. 

Seriously, when will Jake learn not to mess with Devon and Shane? 

After the water fight we all went to the pool where our cousin Jacob organized the "Swimming Pool Olympics" which included- 
*Racing down the water slide

*Diving off the diving board


Belly Flops 

*Racing across the pool

We returned to the cabin where Jill had organized a fun craft that involved searching in sawdust and then assembling an "ispy" pillow.

Then we started the Bocce Tournament.  Angie and Joy were the big winners of the big bocce tournament.
Then we had the annual dutch oven cook off.

The dutch oven winners were-
Tom-Dutch Oven Chili 
Devon-Pot Roast
Brandon-Potatoes with Vegetables
Shane-Corn Bread 

While everyone was working on their dutch oven foods or playing bocce Kaycie, Megan, Emily and Zac created what they called a "grasshopper habitat".  They worked on it all day long and each caught a grasshopper to live in the habitat.  Sad to report that Zac's grasshopper did not live to see the dream of the habitat completed and they had to stop construction and hold a funeral....sad days.

We held an auction to help pay for the camp out.  There were some amazing and fun things donated and we raised enough to pay for this year and a little left over to do something really fun next year. 

We ended the evening by making cotton candy......the perfect way to end any evening.  I had so much fun and can not wait to do it again next year.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's never too early.....

to start thinking about Halloween. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I was searching for ideas for a little Halloween gathering I am thinking of having and I found these cute costumes on Pottery Barn Kids.

I especially love the ketchup packet as the treat bag.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When did Spanish Fork become so cool????

Sorry Breanne I know you are reading this thinking Spanish Fork has always been cool! But, growing up in the city next door and going to the rival high school it is natural to think Spanish Fork was just not hippest place anound. I am now announcing that I have changed my mind....Spanish Fork is so cool and one of the most progressive cities in the state. Why have I changed my mind? This is why......
1-They have a great recycling program that my cousin Tiffany uses. They sort your recycling for you!
2-They have their own cable channel. My cousin Jacob was in the high school show choir so if you did not get to catch one of his shows live just wait it will be on the cable station soon. Kaycie still thinks he is a total movie star after she saw him singing on tv.
3-The have their own city owned internet service.
4-They just put in a wind park at the mouth of spanish fork canyon. I have no idea where the energy is going but I think they look so cool. I could watch them all day long, it is so relaxing. I love the whole idea of wind energy.

5-They are holding a Kite Festival in September in celebration of the ribbon cutting for the wind park. How much fun is that? They are also attempting break a Guiness record for the most number of windmills assembled in the same location. Who knew there was even such a thing?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Saturday with Kaycie

I have not spent time with Kaycie for awhile so we woke up bright and early to go to a Williams-Sonoma class with our cousins Abby and Sam.  After the class we were trying to find a theater showing Mamma Mia.  We drove over to the theater near Aven's store to check the time and we just missed the show by 10 minutes.  So we walked over to Aven's store and she made Kaycie's day by giving her free frozen yogurt and tons of samples.  Aven mention that the county fair was going on and because we had a little over an hour to kill before the next movie we decided to go to the fair.  
It was so much fun walking through the exhibits with all of the fruits, vegetables and flowers.

We also loved seeing all of the beautiful baked goods.

I loved this cool chicken.
The fair brought back tons of memories of my 4H/Sheep showing days.  I don't think Kaycie believed me when I was telling her that Mark and I showed sheep when we were kids.  It was so fun seeing all of the little kids dressed up in their 4H outfits.

Kaycie and I found a place that was selling scones and we sat down to watch the strangest talent/fashion show I have ever seen.......weird. We left the fair and went to the movie which I think Kaycie enjoyed more than the county fair.  

Fun Party Idea

I am feeling like a want to have a party and serve these tiny foods.....tiny grilled cheese, tiny hamburgers, tiny sandwiches and tiny french fry cones.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Olympic Dream

So after watching another late, late night of Olympic coverage. I am feeling inspired.
No, I am not going to learn how to swim, do a cartwheel or play ping pong (things I really should learn one day just not right now) I am inspired to buy my own a piece of gold. I found these today by at

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I have such smart friends

You were all correct I spent the weekend in Atlanta.  I have little Atlanta treats for all of you when I see you again.  I went to a fun, short little convention.  The weather was perfect.  The last time I was in Atlanta it was so so humid I really thought I was going to die.  
I stayed at the amazing Ritz Carlton Atlanta.  

When I arrived in my room this little welcome letter and gummy bears were waiting for me.
If you find yourself in Atlanta these are the reasons you should stay at the Ritz Carlton-

1-Table in the lobby filled with cookies, sweet tea and the best lemonade I have ever had.
2-Twice daily room service.
3-Turn down with a chocolate mint and a little printed card with this quote- "Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them"-John Updike.
They also left a little card with the weather forecast for the next day.
4-Complimentary shoe shine everynight.
5-Bvlgari soaps and shampoo.
6-Fresh cut orchids in the bathroom.
7-The feather bed with luxurious Italian linens and fluffy pillows.
8-The 42 inch, high def flat panel screen television was perfect for watching the breathtaking opening ceremonies of the olympics.
9-Close to a MARTA station

The convention I was attending was held at the Hilton. Another convention being held was this.........

I guess if things don't work out with my current place of employment I guess I should keep all options open right?  
On my flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas I upgraded to first class.  I am not even going to say how much I paid but this is what you get in first class on US Airways 1-the $25 first bag fee is waved 2-headphones for the movie 3-big huge chair 4-pillow and blanket 5-unlimited need to pay the $2 they charge for soda in coach and get ready for it.....6-one bag of stale Sun Chips.  Yes that was the extend of my first class experience on US Airways (oh I almost forgot that I got to watch the huge fight between the ticketing agents and their boss when I checked in) there was no dinner, no snacks no special treatment.   So if given the opportunity pass it up, pay $2 for a soda and sit in the back of the plane.