Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Sad.........

Someone was playing a little too close to the beehive and got stung.
Oh poor little lulu belle I hope you have learned your lesson.

Almost Forgot.........

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day in the hospital having a lipoma removed. It was a fun filled day and Angie totally took care of me. She got to watch me throw up all over myself and went to the drug store to pick up some medicine. Thank You Angie for taking such good care of me!!
And Tiffany and Heather treated me to a get well lunch! Thanks!

Friday, May 23, 2008

On our way to Disneyland!

Jake and I are on our way to Disneyland for Memorial Day weekend. Jake
is a hit at the airport....the girl at cinnabon told him he has the
coolest hair and this cute group of girls(in the background of the
photo) kept saying look at that cute little boy he is so cute. They
came over and asked him where he got his rockin republic jeans and
told him he was the cutest little boy ever. He asked me "gosh why am
I getting so many comments about my hair and clothes today?"

Kaycie getting ready to take care of the bees.....what's going on with
the sleeves?

The Queen Cage in the Hive

The Bees Have Been Hived!

Oh my gosh what a stressfull experience. The bees arrived on a super
cold and rainy day so I am a little doubtful they will survive the
next couple of days. I was so nervous about putting them in the hive.
Jake, kaycie and my dad helped me with finding the queen cage and
getting all of the bees into the hive. I wore the worst possible
outfit for working with bees huge wide leg pants...don't worry I had
bees flying up my pants, up the sleeves of my jacket, and stuck all
over in my hair. I only got stung 3 times. Lets hope it warms up and
they make it through the weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I Love Haagen-Dazs

Right now I am slightly obsessed with all things honey related. Last night I was looking through a magazine and found an ad for Haagen Dazs ice cream.

They are working hard to help with the honey bee crisis. They have made large donations to Penn State and UC Davis and have developed a new flavor of ice cream called Vanilla Honey Bee.

A portion of the sales of this flavor goes to fund research into the Honey Bee crisis. They have also developed a great web site that provides a little bit more information about the crisis and the small things that can be done to help out the bees.

Haagen-Dazs, which is owned by General Mills, said bees are actually responsible for 40% of its 60 flavors - such as strawberry, toasted pecan and banana split.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Ready For Our New Arrivals

Jake, Kaycie and I spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon getting the
hive ready for our shipment of bees to be delivered next week. I
finally found bees on ebay.....yes you can buy anything on ebay. I
sure hope I figure out the whole beekeeping thing before next week.
Notice the Beekeeping for Dummies book at the bottom of the photo.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sex and the city Movie - Official Full Trailer HD

I am getting excited about this. Who wants to go?

I Resolve (Update)

I have been totally successful in giving up Diet Pepsi in a plastic bottle. But I did break down and ordered a medium diet coke and Wendy's yesterday and lets just say there was nothing medium about it. It was huge! Don't worry I did not let any of it go to waste I drank every last drop of it and I was up all night, no really all night, I think around 4 am I fell asleep for about 40 minutes. So this morning I knew I would really need something to get me get through the day so let me introduce you to my new beverage of choice..........

It's not in a plastic bottle so I think I feel ok about it.

It's about time....

I have lived in my house for over two years so I guess it is time to get it together and do a few home improvements. I am starting out by having my friends Ali and DJ paint my house. Let me just say if you are painting you should hire them they do such amazing work.

I am using a paint I found at The Home Depot called The Fresh Aire Choice and I love it! It is totally (both the paint and the colorant) VOC free and the paint cans, color chips and brochures are all made from recycled materials. If you walked into my house right now you would never guess that we have been painting, it smells great. Call them they have a promo going on right now for three free paint will love it. Order samples here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Next time I am in the UK..........

I want to go to this store. Actually I want to own this store........

I Resolve.....

I picked up the May issue of Elle magazine while at the airport in Memphis. I just got around to reading it last night before going to bed. It is the "green" issue and the guest editor is activist Laurie David. In the letter from the editor she wrote about a conversation she had with NASA scientist James Hansen, he said we had only 10 years to reduce carbon emissions before irreversible consequences took place and that was three years ago....yikes. Needless to say this is not the type of stuff I should read before going to bed. As I was tossing and turning I thought about a conversation I had with my smart cousin Tiffany who has given up buying bottled water because of the environmental impact (a little bit about the environmental and health concerns here ). Tiffany has inspired me to give up one of my favorite things in the whole world.......
Diet Pepsi in a plastic bottle that was made using petroleum and will take 1000 years to biodegrade. Yummm good stuff.
So I have been buying diet pepsi in a can and I am not loving it. Why? I think it all comes down to one word Carbonation! Nothing beats the carbonation in bottled diet pepsi.
So this weekend I am giving up soda and I am going to start drinking water out of one of these totally cool metal water bottles made by our Swiss friends at SIGG

Or one of these from Pottery Barn