Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bee Update

Oh the little bees are growing up and they need more room so last week I built and painted new boxes to add to the top of the hives......yes yes I built them with my own two hands.

As they are growing up they are becoming more aggressive. Usually they are fun to watch as they fly in and out of the hive but every afternoon around 4 o'clock there are thousands of them flying in and out of the hive and circling around the hive. I have to admit that it scares me a little bit. I am not sure why they do this but it freaks me out and I why did I want bees?

Candy in the Windy City..........

Last week I made a quick trip to my favorite city..........

 for the NCA Candy Show.  I found lots of inspiration for new products and a few new suppliers.
It was a successful show.
One of my favorite parts of Chicago is of course the food............

  We ate at a fabulous tapas bar  named 1492.   

I loved it.  It was so fun to try a new place.  We each ordered 4 plates and shared.  After dinner we walked up Michigan Avenue.  It was so beautiful the weather was perfect and all of the flower beds were filled with tulips and other beautiful flowers.  
The next night we had dinner at one of my favorite places in all of Chicago

This restaurant is owned by the Weber Grill company.  Most of the food is cooked on Weber Grills in an open kitchen that pass by as you walk to your table.  

I love open kitchens. 
This is one of the rare occasions where a hamburger sounds so good and it is usually the one hamburger I eat a year.  I was ready to order the same hamburger that I have ordered every year for the past at least 5 years when the server came around to take our orders she suggested the meatloaf.  I decided to step outside the box and tried the meatloaf........holy cow delightful!  
Across the street from my hotel was argo tea.  This is a tea cafe that I stopped in every morning before I went to the Candy Show and every night before I went back to my room.  

I tried a Chai Latte, Bubble Tea and Red Velvet Tea.  The Red Velvet was fantastic it was made with red tea, raspberry and white chocolate.   I have never tried bubble tea, I don't think it was my favorite......the black chewy pearls in it freaked me out.  I wish I would have been in Chicago a little bit long because there were a lot of other flavors I would have loved to try.....oh well next time I guess.