Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cookie Exchange Save the Date

 Please save the date for next year -
 the second Saturday of December -the 14th- at 2:00. 
Here is a preview of prize catagories for 2013 
 1-The whole package (display, taste of cookie, recipe card etc) 
2-It's Whats on the Outside That Really Matters (decoration/appearance
3-Thinking Outside the Cookie Box - Non Cookie Item -cupcakes, candy, chocolate, divinity etc 
4-Once Upon a Time - Christmas Cookie that has a story/history behind it - family tradition, unique origin - . 5-Audrey Hepburn Award - Timeless Classic Beautiful Cookie. If you win this in 2013 you get to pick the Audrey Hepburn Award winner in 2014.
5-Holiday Hair - more details to come!

Friday, July 19, 2013

A week in iphone photos July 15 to July 21 2013

7/15 Lava Tubes Hike 

7/16 Native America Art Walk 
7/16 Journaling Hike Sunset
7/17 Resurrection Moss

7/18 Goodbye Red Mtn Spa
7/19 Surprised by how much I loved Snow Canyon 

Monday, July 8, 2013

A week in iPhone photos July 8 to July 14 2013

7/8 Ruby Foo loves the cat shoes

7/9 Finally- after 3 years and 3 attempts at getting                                                                              the correct Edison bulbs my kitchen light fixture is up.

7/10 Wating for my new $900 side mirror to be installed. 

7/11 Ruby Foo?  No, it is her cat twin that sits                                                                                         outside our window catching mice! 

7/12 First super added - hope they fill it fast.

7/13 Goodbye Ruby Foo see you in 4 days 

A week in Iphone Photos July 1 to July 7

7/1 NYC Public Library Children's Book Exhibit 
Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights 
Loved it! 

7/2 Goodbye NYC - See You Soon! 

7/3 Honey Labels are printed 

7/4 They really like each other

7/5 Ruby Foo

7/6 Three Bugs in a Rug 

7/7 Almond Mocha Cake.