Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Babysitting Recap

My time with Jake Kaycie and Riley has come to an end.....well a few weeks ago. We were having so much fun I did not have time to record all of our fun. So here is a brief recap-
Day 4-
Kaycie and I went to SLC to see the musiclal Joseph at the Hale Center Theater.
Me: What was your favorite part of the play?
Kaycie: Joseph was hot. Did you see his 6 pack?

Saturday also brought the grand return of Jake. We all went to my parents house, ate nachos, and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (old school version) and the Lady in White.
Before going to bed Kaycie, Riley and I made worry fun.
Day 5 -
Sunday - day of rest for sure! Riley slept until 11:30, Kaycie was not feeling well and stayed in her room until around 3. I went home to do some work and ended up taking a long nap with Ruby Foo.
After we were all rested Jake, Riley and I went down to my garden and picked some food for our chickens. We also caught grasshoppers to feed to the chickens....sorry peta it had to be done. I hate grasshoppers.

We made zoku ice cream pops in the following flavors - pumpkin pie, chocolate malt balls and orange creamcicle.
Day 6
Labor Day
Jake and I removed the honey from 2 hives and then extracted it. I have 3 more hives to take the honey from and Jake has 2. Jake spoke in a British accent for most of the day.
Day 7
Last Day
Exhausted - I watched an episode of Happy Days before i left for home......that made me super happy.
So excited to get back to my own house and my own bed!

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