Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome March!

Dear February,
Let's make it clear we are not friends! What I really want to say is I
hate you. Why? Let me tell you-
1- Stolen credit card/id drama. This is the second time in 3 years this has
happened in your month.
2-Broken furnace, repaired furnace, broken furnace again. Fabulous!
3-The return of two people I really have issues with to my place of
work. And yes they both seem to return at this time of year every year. Why?
4-Valentine's Day! Need I say more? Working 70 hours the week of
Valentine's Day is not fun.
5-"big gun" customer having some issues I need to work though....ugh.
6- Being disappointed in someone that I have always really liked and
7-Return of a customer who sucks every bit of energy I have.
8-72 yes I said 72 viruses on my computer....maybe that explains #1.

The best thing about you is there are only 28 days that I have to
spend with you.

I will be ready for you next year so watch out!
Take Care-

So yes I know I have it really good when so many people
in the world have really big problems but February kicks my but EVERY single year.
I am so excited for March. It is going to be a great month!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Greeks in Ireland and Disneyland

The first trip for the girl greek was to Ireland with graphic designer extraordinaire Kat. She took a photo while she and and the greek where on the train traveling through the beautiful Irish country side and drinking diet coke. Which we all love!
Here is the email Kat sent with the photos- The close up of the cup is especially blurry but it says, "We fill our large mineral right to the brim. Why? Because, if you order a Large beverage at Supermac's we know two things for sure: 1. You're self confident enough not to spill it all over the place. 2. You must be very thirsty.", which is funny when you're used to drinking 44 ounces of Diet Coke in one sitting and this- the very largest Diet Coke you've been able to find in the Guiness guzzling land of Ireland- is 16 ounces.
16 ounces.
Yes, I'll try not to spill it. -

The first trip for boy greek was also with Kat she took him to Disneyland and tried to feed him to a whale.... Do not worry he made it back alive.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Greeks

I was at a thrift store last year and these little antique greek dolls were calling out to me. I knew I had to buy them but what would I do with them?

I have decided to make them my "Traveling Greeks" of them will be joining me and my friends on our travels. I am very excited to see where our adventures take them.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where in the World

I am on the East Coast at a candy show.

The weather is semi cold

I have been here once before

There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees

I just had the most amazing massage. The therapist stands on you back and does the whole massage with her feet. I loved it!

Can you guess where I am?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Such a hard life.......

I spent a fun filled Valentine's Day weekend with the super sweetheart Kaycie and her little dog too. We spent an early 4am morning at the chocolate factory dipping strawberries. Then I forced her into going to a beekeeping meeting with me which she hated but was a great sport about it. We spent the rest of the afternoon running around for work.

When we finally made it home we were both exhausted and Kaycie made me give her a full on facial...I am telling you she has it made!

We woke up the next morning a made a red velvet cake for Valentine's Day. It was a bad weekend to stay away from the diet coke and sugar. I had 3 diet cokes and 2 slices of red velvet cake....oh well tomorrow is another day right?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blueprint Cleanse Follow Up

So remember the Blueprint Cleanse I did when I returned for the Fancy Food Show? Well I totally loved it. I can't believe how easy it was. I was able to give up the diet coke without any headaches or sickness. I was so surprised that I could actually do a juice cleanse without staying home sick in bed for the whole 3 days.
On the last night of the cleanse I totally began the huge undertaking of "detoxing" my office/junk room and I am gradually making my way through my whole house. The deal is I can not break out midlife crisis handbag until my house is totally "detoxed"
Other positive benefits from the cleanse-
I have not had any sugar/candy which is sort of difficult in a candy factory and part of my job is picking out new candy items.
I am limiting myself to 1 diet coke a week.
Drinking tons of water and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
French Fries...well that is a totally different story. I love them more now than ever.
I am going to do it again in the fall if anyone wants to join in let me know.

Friday, February 5, 2010

So sad.........

This is a photo of my desk on Friday.


Between Valentine's Day, Fancy Food Show follow ups, SLC Gift Show, doing a tasting show at the Utah State Capital and getting ready to travel to another show next week I think I might loose my mind!

And not to worry, if possible, it looks even worse today.