Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tony Awards

I watched the Tony awards on Sunday night. I always get very excited to go to NYC after watching the Tony Awards. Going to a Broadway show and then walking out of the show into Times Square at night has got to be one of the most amazing feelings ever....such energy. I love it!
The one of the big winners was South Pacific.

I saw South Pacific in San Francisco a few years back with Angie and her friend Jackie. I liked it ok but I was not crazy about it. I am sure this production is 1000% better....I think Robert Goulet was the star of the production we saw.
In the Heights won the Tony for best musical. I really thought it looked like a fantastic show after watching the cast preform on the Tony's.
I was checking out some of the reviews of the shows in the New York Times and guess which musical is a Critics Pick?
Yes Xanadu...who would have thought that a musical on roller skates would be so much darn fun?

I think I will end up hitting the TKTS booth and see what the options are. I have had pretty good luck with that. Or there is always the Wicked lottery I mean this will be my 7th or 8th time trying to get those so the odds should be working in my favor this year right? Or if I get ambitious this weekend I could buy tickets using the discounts offered on the Broadway Box web site it looks like they have some discounts for some good shows.

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KeeKee said...

I think you already know this, but my Mom won the "wicked lottery" in NYC. You should take her with you. She is lucky. If you want to see someone famous, you should take my Dad. Stars flock to him like bees to honey. He has worked out next to Madonna, and stood next to Michael Jackson at the "I Love Lucy" exhibit at Walt Disney World, and that is just the tip of the iceburg. Just last week he ran into the actor that plays Jim on "The Office." Too bad all they passed on to me was bad eye sight and a knack for wrapping gifts. I guess some things really do skip a generation:)