Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Week

Last fall I made the decision to give "experiences" to Jake and Kaycie for their birthdays and Christmas instead of some piece of Made in China junk that would get lost or tossed aside in a month. I gave Jake a trip. The original plan was to go to Colorado for a taping of The Food Network Food Challenge but they only tapings they had during the first part of the year were Surprise Engagements and Super Cool Wedding Cakes...not too exciting for an 11 year old boy. So we decided to go to Disneyland over Memorial Day Weekend....more on this to come.

For Kaycie I must confess did buy her a Made in China item for Christmas...the Nicky American Girl Doll. Yes I got caught up in the frenzy of hard to find, 2008 limited edition doll and with that name how could I pass it up? But for her birthday we kept our yearly tradition and spent the afternoon at The Grand America at afternoon tea. So much fun! We had finger sandwiches, black current scones with strawberry jam, clotted cream and lemon curd. We had the most amazing teas, Raspberry and Spiced Acai and lets not forget the amazing desserts.

After our afternoon of tea we met my mom at a hotel near the Hale Center Theater in West Valley. After a dinner at the Training Table we went to see an all time favorite Annie Get Your Gun.

I think this might be my moms favorite musical of all time. She has seen this production 3 times. She has driven all over Utah to see different productions of this show....I guess we all need a hobby right?

The next morning we got up had breakfast and went to the Swap Meet in SLC. Kaycie bought tons of jewels and I bought tons of fresh fruit.

Funniest thing Kaycie said during our trip.

Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up?

Kaycie: A Gangster.

Well I guess all of the manners we have learned going to tea each year will come in handy when she is a gangster.


Ableggi said...

Isn't she cute!! Thanks for taking Kaycie to tea at the Grand America and a sleepover in Salt Lake. She loved it!! She had so much fun at the Swap Meet...I want to know where my birthday trip is going to take place??? I have several suggestions...just let me know when you are ready for them!!

HopeCamp said...

I love your blog, Nicky. It gives me a chance to see what's happening with my Utah family. You have such an interesting life. Keep it up! When are you coming to San Francisco again?

Love, Auntie Hoope

The Frys said...

She is so funny. I love the things she says!

KeeKee said...

Some Auntie I turned out to be. All I gave Owee for his bday were some Rub-On Thomas the Tank Engine tatoos and a dress up pirate outfit. With Aunts like you out there, no wonder he calls me washrag head.

KeeKee said...
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