Friday, June 6, 2008

The Big Apple

So I leave for a work trip to New York in a few weeks and try as I might I just can not get excited about going. Even going to see Sex and the City did not pull me out of my unexcited state. So everyday until I leave I am going to post fun things I could do in New York and see if that does the trick...also this way if I am inspired to do something I will have all of the information on my blog.
One of the reasons I am feeling such dread about the Big Apple is because it is so dang hot and humid when I am there so this post relates to some "cool" things to eat and drink while in New York.
1 Frogurt
Smooth and aberrantly tart, it’s the only truly yogurty-tasting frozen yogurt in a Tasti D-Lite world (Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale’s; $6 for a large; 212-705-3085). Any excuse to get to Bloomingdales right?

This looks so good!
Rich espresso poured over vanilla gelato—summertime’s ultimate (barely) do-it-yourself dessert (Barbuto; $6; 212-924-9700).

4-Black-Sesame Gelato
I love sesame seeds and gelato so how could this not be a must-do? This company has a pretty cool history that was written about in a New York Times article found here.
Of all the rotating flavors at this white-tiled milk-fat mecca, the nuttily sweet, Asian-inspired black sesame is the one we crave most (Il Laboratorio del Gelato; $3.25 for a small; 212-343-9922).
il Laboratorio del Gelato
95 Orchard St.
(between Broome & Delancey Sts)
New York, NY 10002

5-Purple Cow
Another exotic heartland delicacy courtesy of Danny Meyer & Co.—Grape Crush, straight from the bottle, sloshed over vanilla custard (Shake Shack; $4.25; 212-889-6600).
I have been hearing and reading a lot about the Shake Shack lately and it is owned by the same group as my favorite restaurant from last years nyc trip The Union Square cafe...yum.

6-Cold Hot Chocolate
This might be a good replacement for Serendipity frozen hot chocolate...not sure if I can go to Serendipity again after it was closed last November for numerous health code violations.
It’s too good to put on summer hiatus, so Maury Rubin strips down the winter recipe and serves it on the rocks (City Bakery; $4; 212-366-1414).

7- Olive-Oil-Gelato Coppetta
The signature gelato wears its customary crown of Maldon sea salt, a streak of olive “caramel,” and a seasonal accessory of supersweet strawberries, plus a bracing dollop of passion-fruit granita (Otto Enoteca Pizzeria; $8; 212-995-9559).
This is a Mario Batali restaurant so I think there is little chance of getting in at this late date but I might give it a try

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