Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grand Central Station

Can you believe I have never been to Grand Central Station? I have heard how beautiful it is and I feel like this should be the year I go.
It turns out there a lot of fun retail stores and restaurants located here.
There is a self guided walking tour that can be found here. The part of the terminal I really want to see is the Sky Ceiling. In 1998, as part of a 12 year terminal restoration project, the ceiling was cleaned to remove the stains left by tobacco, nicotine and coal smoke. If you look above the Michael Jordans Steakhouse there is a small dark patch of ceiling left untouched so you can see how dingy the ceiling used to be.
Also outside the terminal is the worlds largest display of Tiffany glass and the chandeliers inside the terminal are platted in real gold.


Ableggi said...

Last year when you were "stuck" at the Fancy Food Show, Holly & I is amazing!! Of course, I love almost every aspect of New York! So this little "tour" your doing through your blog is giving me TONS of ideas! Thanks!

KeeKee said...

Here is a random "GCS" fact I just happen to know. It is rumored that during WWII, all plans and blueprints of GCS were destroyed by the government. They feared that German spies would gain access to a top secret control room, crippling the comings and goings of all GCS trains, thus destroying the main transportation route of allied American troops and supplies over seas. It is also believed that a secret network of underground tracks and a hidden platform no longer in use, was once the private entrance into NYC for FDR. A secret freight elevator big enough for a car, went directly up to street level, and the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Using a private back entrance into the hotel, FDR's aides could carry the crippled president inside without the press or public seeing. It was not known at that time by the public that FDR could not walk and only stand for a few minutes at a time with support.

karen said...

Hi. I found this post from a Google alert on grand central. Let me know if you'd like a tour. I am the marketing director for the shops, restaurants and events and can hook you up: