Thursday, January 20, 2011

Airport Delay

Sitting at the slc airport waiting for my flight to San Francisco which has been delayed about 30 min. Not so bad except I have become slightly neurotic about being on time that I get a little crazed if I am not at least 2 hours early for my flight - not that I mind I love being at the airport watching people and listening to their conversations. Here is a bit of what is going on during my airport delay-

Groups of people- lots of sports teams, soccer teams heading to a tournament in Las Vegas, Sacramento State basketball team, Utah State Soccer team coaches.

Overheard - Utah State coaches talking to another coach, I am guessing about soccer, upcoming players and goal lines, defenders, defense. Blah Blah Boring

Reading - New issue of my favorite mag Vanity Fair - Justin Bieber on the cover- and Dwell.
Cleopatra downloaded on the iPad.
Happy About-the shuttle driver waiting for me to get out of my car and on the shuttle before he drove off. So happy I did not have to wait in the ice cold for the shuttle. The flight for Las Vegas should be leaving soon taking with it at least 100 teenaged soccer playing girls. Free wifi at the slc airport.

Excited to get to San Francisco to buy boots at DSW, buy shoes at Nordstrom, buy platters at CB2, the huge F21, Fancy Food Show, eating what is reported to be the best baked crab in the bay area with Barbara E, shopping at lush.
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Courtney said...

Hope you have a great time. My mom and I have a little something for you that we put together. I hope you enjoy it. We will get it to you very soon.