Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When did Spanish Fork become so cool????

Sorry Breanne I know you are reading this thinking Spanish Fork has always been cool! But, growing up in the city next door and going to the rival high school it is natural to think Spanish Fork was just not hippest place anound. I am now announcing that I have changed my mind....Spanish Fork is so cool and one of the most progressive cities in the state. Why have I changed my mind? This is why......
1-They have a great recycling program that my cousin Tiffany uses. They sort your recycling for you!
2-They have their own cable channel. My cousin Jacob was in the high school show choir so if you did not get to catch one of his shows live just wait it will be on the cable station soon. Kaycie still thinks he is a total movie star after she saw him singing on tv.
3-The have their own city owned internet service.
4-They just put in a wind park at the mouth of spanish fork canyon. I have no idea where the energy is going but I think they look so cool. I could watch them all day long, it is so relaxing. I love the whole idea of wind energy.

5-They are holding a Kite Festival in September in celebration of the ribbon cutting for the wind park. How much fun is that? They are also attempting break a Guiness record for the most number of windmills assembled in the same location. Who knew there was even such a thing?


DunnsHouse said...

So true...lol...when did this happen?!?! I LOVE the windmills too! They are huge/beautiful/amazing!

Tiffany said...

Yeah...so about the recycling. I am only signed up for it..not doing it yet. So many people have to sign up before they will bring the recycling program to SF. That is why everyone in SF should jump on the bandwagon so I can start recycling stuff. Come on people! :)

The Bringhurst's said...

Well I am glad that you finally realized how cool Spanish Fork really is (and has been)!! But it is getting too big, I loved it when there was a billion fields to go and ride our 4-wheelers on. But now there are houses, dang it!