Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Family Fun

We spent the weekend at a family camping extravaganza at our cabin.  Early Saturday morning Casey and Joy made ebleskivers and put together an omelet bar that was delicious. 

After breakfast there was the mandatory family reunion water fight. 

Seriously, when will Jake learn not to mess with Devon and Shane? 

After the water fight we all went to the pool where our cousin Jacob organized the "Swimming Pool Olympics" which included- 
*Racing down the water slide

*Diving off the diving board


Belly Flops 

*Racing across the pool

We returned to the cabin where Jill had organized a fun craft that involved searching in sawdust and then assembling an "ispy" pillow.

Then we started the Bocce Tournament.  Angie and Joy were the big winners of the big bocce tournament.
Then we had the annual dutch oven cook off.

The dutch oven winners were-
Tom-Dutch Oven Chili 
Devon-Pot Roast
Brandon-Potatoes with Vegetables
Shane-Corn Bread 

While everyone was working on their dutch oven foods or playing bocce Kaycie, Megan, Emily and Zac created what they called a "grasshopper habitat".  They worked on it all day long and each caught a grasshopper to live in the habitat.  Sad to report that Zac's grasshopper did not live to see the dream of the habitat completed and they had to stop construction and hold a funeral....sad days.

We held an auction to help pay for the camp out.  There were some amazing and fun things donated and we raised enough to pay for this year and a little left over to do something really fun next year. 

We ended the evening by making cotton candy......the perfect way to end any evening.  I had so much fun and can not wait to do it again next year.


DunnsHouse said...

Seriously....your family is SO FUN! The kids are SO adorable. Also, funny to see how the genes work because I can see So much of You and Angie both in Kaycee and Jake reminds me of a Mini Mark and I can't tell with Riley yet but to me he looks like a mix of everyone. Fun to read about your family fun!

Wishelle said...

Nicki, thanks for holding such a fun reunion. I really enjoyed it, (I'm sorry for having to leave early)
I was totally wiped out the next day, I slept thru the Olympic US basketball game, I'm sure my family thought I was dead or just really lazy LOL. You know we have a great family, we are so lucky. I'm already looking forward to next year.
Love Shelle

BTW thanks for finding my camera

Ableggi said...

Thanks for setting this up every year, it is always loads of fun!! I was disappointed that not everyone stayed for the entire weekend! Maybe next year!!

The Bringhurst's said...

Wow, what a fun family! Wish I a had a fun cousins like that! HaHaHa Really it looks like you guys had a very busy weekend.