Friday, August 1, 2008

Family Fun in Fountain Green

I spent a fun filled Saturday morning at our fun family reunion in Fountain Green.  I was there for the auction where someone put up for auction these beautiful vegetables from their garden. They were so beautiful.  

Why don't vegetables from my garden ever look like this?
They had this fun waterslide brought in for the little kids.  It was the favorite activity of sweet little R.  

He loved it and I think he went down at least 50 times.  After he crawled out of the water her would come over to us and shake because he was so cold and then run back to the slide.  Someone who did not share the love of the waterslide was Kaycie so Chad made her go down the slide and then dunked her in the water when she got to the bottom.  

She was very unhappy and started hitting this guy she thought was her awkward for her to look up and realize it was a total stranger.   
How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?  

Maybe you should get some tips from Breeanne and Jake. 
I was sad when I had to leave early and I missed my favorite part of the family reunion.....polenta with a tomato and beef pasta sauce. 

On a polenta related note I have my eye on this polenta pot at Williams Sonoma.  It is on sale right now so I am thinking I will try to hold out a little longer and maybe it will be mine one day.



KeeKee said...

Wow! I want to come to your families get togethers. Garden fresh veggies, blow up waterslides, and polenta with beef tomato sauce! The only thing people show up with at my families reunions are grudges.

DunnsHouse said...

Hi Nicky!
I was thinking about you and googled you to see what you are up to these days and found your blog. What a fun blog. It sounds like you have a wonderful and exciting life. Your niece and nephews are so adorable and they are so lucky to have you as their aunt. In fact after reading through your blog...I'd like to adopt you as an aunt for my little son!:-) I think my sister Mandy sees Angie and Mark sometimes. It has been very fun to see all of your amazing travels. Oh the jealousy I'm feeling right now!:-)You and I also share a love for words like Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn....words that scare my I just started a blog. It's ridiculous how challenged I am with the computer but I'm working on it. was fun to find you. Hope you're having a good day!

The Bringhurst's said...

Oh what fun we had!! we had to do do the marshmallow thing just to have some fun!! Everyone should have tried it!