Monday, August 20, 2007

San Francisco Gift Show

I spent July 25th to the 30th in beautiful downtown San Francisco. I left the 100+ degrees in Utah for the cold, foggy 50 degree weather of the city by the bay. You would think it would be a welcome relief from the heat but it made me sick and so it was not my greatest visit to San Francisco.

The best part of my trip was my stay at the W San Francisco. The room numbers look like fortunes out of fortune cookies. I knew I was in the right room when I found the fortune that read.."anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination" I love that.

I love staying at W Hotels and these are the 10 reasons why I loved my stay at the W San Francisco-
1-You walk into the hotel and the smell from the W signature candles and the fresh flowers is amazing. Don't worry because you can buy these candles in their catalog.

2-The lobbies are beautiful. They call the lobby the Living Room and it always makes me want to wear a sleek black dress and drink a cocktail.
3-Everyone is always so nice and try so hard to make your stay amazing. The motto of the hotle is Whatever/Whenever. It is printed all over the hotel and they really make you feel like they mean it.
4-Dogs and cats are always welcome in W Hotels. They even have a doggie room service menu. Love it.
5-The beds are heavenly! The feather beds and down duvets make me want to stay in bed all day.

6-They always have funky cd's and cd players in the rooms.
7-Bliss Spa products in my room and the actual spa on the 3rd floor.

8-Chinese Checkers game on the window seat.

9-Purple Budha.

10-The amazing view out of my window.

Don't forget the beautiful door men...that whatever/whenever motto might come in handy during my next W stay....thats all I am saying.

Other fun things I did in San Francisco
1-Discovered Whole Foods. I ate lunch there almost everyday. I also discovered Emer'gen C packets. Someone mentioned that these would help with my cold and I think I am sold on them. I love the cranberry flavor the best.
2-Had dinner with my cousin Shelly. She took me to a great India restaurant downtown. She always knows the best places to eat.
3-Went to Kara Cupcakes. I was going to walk to the cupcake place I even planned out my route using Google Earth on the iphone but I ended up paying $30 for a cab then I spent $25 on the most amazing cupcakes..passion fruit was my favorite. Not bad $55 on cupcakes.

4-I bought this bracelet at Tiffany & Co. in Union Square. Love it.....

5-One night I got Avacado Egg Rolls from the Cheescake Factory, went back to my room and finished reading Harry Potter. I read the first book when I was at a Fancy Food Show in San Francisco so I thought it would be fitting to finish reading the last book in San Francisco.

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