Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fancy Food Show Finds

These are my favorite finds from the Fancy Food Show.

Yumm! I love these caramels! Bequet Carmels is based in Bozeman Montana. They make the most amazing chocolate caramels with salt.

Vosges Bacon Bar

The smoked crunchy bacon and sea salt in deep milk chocolate make this my new favorite Vosges bar. I love having something salty to take away from the sweetness of the chocolate.

Niman Ranch Farms

Let me just start out by saying I am not a huge fan of meat. But the meat I sampled from Niman Ranch were great. They sell beef, pork and lamb. All of their animals are raised without antibiotics or hormones. They are fed vegetarian feeds and grazed on pastures. My favorite part is that all of the animals are raised by 500 independent family ranchers. I love that they support small family farms and not large factory farms. You can really taste the difference.

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