Monday, August 20, 2007

Last But Not Least....LDSBSA

The last show on my summer show schedule was the LDS Booksellers Association referred to those of us "in the know" as the LDSBSA.
I am always either in the spot next to or really close to the Sounds of Zion booth. I am always so inspired by the people in this booth. The owner of this company is Doyle Peck. He is one of the kindest people I have ever encountered. He treats his employees with such respect and you can see that they love working for him. They always take really good care of me and always invite me to the big Sounds of Zions VIP lunch.
I always see some really cool things and also some things that I think are a little bit over the line. This year was no exception.
Cool Things
I love these plates from Ring Masters. They have 4 or 5 plates in the line. They have designs for neighbor gifts, Halloween and a couple for Christmas. This one is designed for cookies for Santa.

I also thought this book "An LDS Girls guide to Real Beauty" was great. I talked to the author, Leslie Cheret, for a little while and she was very cool. She wrote this book for the Young Women in her ward. It is part self-confidence and part beauty book with tips on discovering your talents, healthy eating, makeup and exercise. I loved the fun big and bright illustrations.

I also thought the nativity dress up costumes were cute but the owner dressing up as an angel the first day and a cow the last day freaked me out a little bit.

Another really good thing is that the number of exhibitors showing Mormon genre movies has decreased significantly. That makes me so happy. I did, however, trade this movie for chocolate. I hope it was not a waste of a handful of truffles and a couple of candy bars.

Last but not least......the prophet Nephi as a stuffed, talking doll. You press his stomach and he "speaks from the heart". Over the line? tacky? I will let you decide for yourself.......

Ashley and my Sounds of Zion friend Cindy and of course the Prophet Nephi.

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