Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cookbook Challenge 2009

I am coming forth to admit an addiction....


During the hoilday break I pulled out all of my cookbooks and realized I might have a problem. I have over 100 cookbooks which might not be so many for someone who actually cooks but I don't really cook so why do I have so many cookbooks? I sorted though the books and kept only the ones that I really liked and donated the rest.
I have 88 books left in my collection and I have made the goal to cook something out of each book this year.  After I have made the recipe and spent some time looking through the book I will decide if I want to keep the book in my collection or donate it.

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Jim and Brenda Curtis said...

Wow! Nicky, I always imagined you'd have a bunch of cookbooks but I never imagined you'd have over 100! Now, I know who to ask next time I need a recipe!