Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Utah State Fair

I have not been to the state fair in years, really it has been years and years.  Last Saturday Angie, Kaycie, Riley and I drove to SLC and spent the afternoon at the fair.
I think most of our fair outing involved eating and I must say how surprised I was by the number of items you could eat off of a stick porkchops, corndogs, sausage on a stick, corn on the cob, chocolate dipped strawberries and the list goes on and on.  
The list of deep fried items was just as long and these were the booths where we spent most of our money.  We started our eating extravaganza at the much talked about deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich booth.  

This booth won the award for the Most Original Food Item......I guess the prize was this fancy clock .
Can you imagine working in this booth all day long it would be such a nightmare.  Look at all of those deep friers you would be so hot and covered in grease all day.   
Kaycie tried the deep fried Oreos which I thought were really good.
Angie and I split the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich which I thought was great on the first bite but by the second or third bite I was a little ill.
My advice on the peanut butter sandwich find someone to split it with and save room for this

fresh cut curly fries!
It was a full on BRICK of french fries with tons of ketchup...oh heaven.  
While we were eating our french fries a family sat down next to us with this delightful funnel cake covered in vanilla cream and chocolate. We were on our way to find a funnel cake and must have been distracted by something because we never got a funnel cake...so sad.
We also tried grilled corn on the cob that was covered and I am talking dripping down my arm covered in butter, lemon and black pepper. It was so delicious.
We did not get around to trying this grilled chicken but I thought it looked and smelled so good. I will be making it my first stop next year.

We, of course, spent time checking out the animals 



And Funky Chickens

 The fruits, vegetables, flowers and preserves are always my favorite exhibits.

I love Kaycie in those glasses and I also love these huge Dahlias.  I am so inspired to plant tons of vegetables and flowers next year I can't wait.

I love the great big best in show ribbons for the preserves were made out of blue gingham ribbon.
No trip to the fair is complete without cotton candy.

On the way home from the fair we stopped by Joy's house for Game Night.  We stayed until the early morning hours playing card games I have never even heard of....31 and Hand and Foot.  What a fun filled Saturday. 


tffnyhll said...

I love the crazy chickens. I went to South Jordan's fair last year and I was surprised at all of the different types of chickens.

Thanks for sharing.

Corrales Clan said...

I haven't been to the fair for a long time. Do you remember when Christy had a mouth full of braces and other contractions. We were at the state fair eating hot dogs and Christy's hot dog got caught in her braces and she was choking. As a sister it was hilarious! Typing it out it doesn't sound as funny as I remember it. Or maybe it is just because it is 1am and I have been canning peaches all night.

Wishelle said...

Nicki & Angie,
Next year will you please take me to the state fair? I'd really like to go.
And I do apologize that I couldn't come to game night, after we ate dinner I got really sick- I won't go into that. I hope that you are there next time, I heard it was a blast!!! I really want to play charades but I really don't like phase 10 but I will play it if you guys show up.

Peace out