Saturday, September 20, 2008

On my Soapbox

I was telling my coworker about wanting to buy a french bulldog and she pointed me in the direction of a site that is dedicated to placing homeless dogs, cats and all other types of animals I suppose. My coworker rescued her Mini Italian Greyhound Ziggy using this site. Love that! This is what I found-
Kendra is from a puppy mill and the breeder only sells to puppy brokers and the broker refused to take delivery of her because she was under weight and her ears had not popped up yet. This rescue group took her before she was sent to the auction.

Mercedes was from the same litter and was also refused by the broker because she was under weight and she had a slight mark on her forehead.

What the?????? What is a pet broker and why are they so evil?
Puppy mills make me so mad! I am having second thoughts about ever watching the AKC show again!
Ok I will get down off of the soapbox now.


The Halls said...

Can I add your blog to the Antonino-Bleggi blog?

DunnsHouse said...

Ohhhhhhh they are both SO SO cute!!! My little Beagle was a showdog reject just because she has one tooth that is more forward than the others. So silly! Hope you are doing well!

Ableggi said...

How can you resist those about I let you watch CoCo for week and then you might not want a dog...just kidding...she is a sweetheart...