Sunday, April 20, 2008

We stoped in the coolest little town on our way to Memphis named
Franklin. It is in the book 1001 places to see before you die. It was
beautiful. We ate lunch at this little place called Puckets. It is a
dinner and little old fashioned grocery store all it in
cute. We ate a tradition southern meal called a meat and three. They
had a chalkboard in the wall with three types of meat (bque pork,
roast chicken, pot roast and gravy) and then a list of all of the
vegetables (stuff like cole slaw, baked beans, squash, turnip greens
and other such traditional southern food) then you pick a meat and
three vegetables. Oh my gosh so Southern! I loved it. After lunch we
went to a few of the coolest antique stores I have ever been to. Then
we went to a fantastic plantation and a confederate army cemetery and
the battlefield of the battle of franklin.
I had so much fun today. I am in love with the TN it is so beautiful
and green.

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