Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spent the day in slc with kaycie and angie at kingsbury hall watching
Annie. Good times were had by all.


The Frys said...

Sounds like fun! When are we going to watch Kite Runner. I almost rented it this weekend so I could watch it, but I decided to be loyal and wait so that both of us can watch it together!!

nicky said...

I am going to Nashville this week so can you wait until next Saturday? I really want to hear about your trip.

The Frys said...

I got your voicemail this morning. Sorry I didn't answer...I was busy watching the finale of Rock of Love...WTF...I know! I'm insane! I was telling Brandon it would be kind of weird dating him...would you just share eye liner? It freaks me out a little that he wears makeup. But I did get tickets and got 11th ROW!! YIPEE!!!! Yes, I can wait until next Saturday! I can't wait to hang out, talk and watch Kite Runner!