Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Tiffany!

am sitting at an airport waiting for my next flight thinking about returning to my post vacation life and the only thing keeping me from being totally depressed is the fact that I am going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate the birthday of Miss Tiffany. I have been thinking about the things I love about Tiffany. Here are the top five-
1-She will come and rescue me when I lock myself out of my house.
2-She has amazingly cute kids.....really and they are really nice too. She is also always doing fun things with them. I think she is a great mom.
3-It never fails, she always has the cutest hair. It is so thick and cut in such a cute style but the best part is the color. It is always slightly different but it always so beautiful.....yes I know a superficial reason to think someone is cool oh well.
4-She always has such enthusiasm for new things and new adventures. I love that about her. She told me a few years ago that her dream vacation was going to Atlantis and she did cool.
5-Tiffany and her best friend Emily worked for me the summer they were 14. I am not sure what we were working but I was super stressed about it and Tiffany and Emily would drive me crazy , I can not even remember why now, but when they would leave at 4:00 I would fire them and tell them not to come back the next day but by 5:30 I would call Tiffany and ask (beg) them to come back.. This happened at least 3 times a week for the whole summmer. Persistence that is all I can say. 6-ok I can't stop at
6-(I can't just do 5 what was I thinking?) Tiffany has the greatest, happiest laugh of anyone I know. I got to hear her great laugh one night when we were working (that same summer when she was 14) and she wanted to show me a magic trick she knew. It involved me and a broom and somehow I tripped myself and landed on the ground.....haha....,.can you see why she got fired so much?
7-I almost forgot she has a ferret as a family pet. I think you would have to be a totally cool mom to let your kids have a ferret.
I think Tiffany is great. If you know her please leave a comment about why you think she is great.
(yes I know most people would just scan in the photos of tiffany and chad but that is much too easy and looks too good. I prefer taking a photo of the photos with the iPhone...,.sorry) Sent from my iPhone


Ableggi said...

Tiffany...Happy Birthday!! I have ditto everything Ms. Nicky said!! You are just the greatest! And you are so funny! I love seeing you and talking to you, you always make me laugh! Oh and I love your new silver shoes you got yesterday!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!!

Chad and Breanne Bringhurst said...

Happy Birthday Tiff!!! I think that you are great sister in law and friend. You are always willing to help if needed. Thanks for being such a great person. love ya!!!

nicky said...

Also I almost forgot- I got my belly button pierced with Tiffany and Emily that is a bond that can not be broken.

The Frys said...

Nick, you are SO sweet. Thanks for coming to dinner with us! You are so much fun to be around! Thanks to everyone else to for the birthday wishes!!