Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gingerbread House Extravaganza 2007

Kaycie and I Spent Saturday December 1st doing lots of fun holiday stuff together. The day started out early as we braved the snow filled streets and drove to Williams Sonoma for a Holiday Baking class once again taught by our friends Ali and DJ. Kaycie decorated a lovely little cake in the shape of a mini car.
After the class we went to the home of my friend Dannielle for Gingerbread House Extravaganza 2007. This is the second year I have gotten together my two friends Amy and Dannielle to make gingerbread houses. Dannielle bakes and assembles all of the houses before we get there (they always look so great...what a lot of work!) and Amy searches for and brings the most perfect gingerbread house decorating candy.

When we arrived at Dannielle's house we were greeted by two snowmen that Gannon and Sadie had built that morning. One was so tall, it might be the tallest snowman I have ever seen.

This year the gingerbread house builders included Kaycie (it was Jakes birthday party so he missed out), Gannon, Sadie, Maisey (joined in at the end), Dannille, Amy, Dajia, Traci and Tracies niece Anna.

We left the gingerbread house extravaganza and we went to see my friend Aven at her brand new health food store. Her store is so cool and she looks so happy in her cute store. We went to a late lunch with Aven then went to Coldstone for ice cream. Kaycie and I went back to my house, ate ice cream and watched Ugly Betty while watching it snow outside. Peaceful! We left my warm little house to drive April to SLC to pick up her car and then to the Festival of Trees to pick up the tree I bid on. The name of my tree is Candyland. It was made by 3 little girls. They used thousands of Starbust candy wrappers to make garland for the cute.

We got home late and we ate more ice cream and watched more Ugly Betty. It was a busy and fun Saturday.

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Ableggi said...

Kaycie had the funnest time with you that day! She stills talks about Ugly Betty!! She gave her gingerbread house to Jake for his birthday! What a nice sister!!

Thanks again for taking her...I am starting to think I can't compete with "fun Aunt Nicky"