Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to One of My Favorite People In The World

Happy Birthday Heather!

Most of my favorite childhood memories include Heather and her two sisters Christy and Tiffany. Because we grew up on the same street, only two houses apart, we spent a lot of time together, having sleepovers, making up dance routines in the basement, having tomato fights in the fields around our houses, fingernail digging/scratching fights (I have two scars on my arms from her) and chasing Christy around the yard, pinning her on the ground and squirting mustard in her mouth....oh good old times.

As we have gotten older Heather and I have spent a lot of time traveling together. I have to say I love traveling with her and most of the qualities I most admire about Heather I have noticed and learned to apperciate while traveling with her.

Heather has an amazing passion for life. She is always up for any adventure and her enthusiasim is contagious. It does not matter whether I am calling her to go to a yoga class or a trip to China (New York, Europe, San Fancisco, Chiciago, or Disneyland). She loves to experience everything that each of these places has to offer. In order to do this she is meticulios (some might say a little nerotic) in planning her visit to a new city. You know you don't have to do any research when traveling with Heather because she will have done it all. She has a list of everything she wants to see, eat and buy in each city.

Before we left for Barcelona she called to and asked me if I knew that the largest park bench in the world was in Barcelona. I thought she was kidding but no......she was so excited and made all of us go to Park Guell to see the bench designed by Gaudi and it was one of the most amzing things I have ever seen.

How many stairs would you need to climb to get to the top of one of the spires at the Sagrada Familia church? Ask Heather she will know.

Heather has this same passion in raising her kids. She is always giving her kids the most amazing life experiences......taking them to Disneyland for Halloween, baking cookies with them and hosting amazing birthday parties. What great memorable experiences she is creating for them.

Heather is always so calm about everything and optimistic. I am a total worrier when I travel. I am sure everything is going to go wrong....miss the flight, lost hotel or cruise reservations and Heather could not be more opposite she is always sure everything is going to go just as planned.......and she is always right (with the exception of the train ride from the airport to our apartment in barcelona and the Portland Square Hotel in NYC) She tells me I am crazy when I want to get to the airport 4 hours early and to stop acting like a freak when I worry about other random things. For example when I thought we had lost dear Aunt Glenda in France I was so upset and nearly in tears but Heather was like oh well she will turn up ...and guess what she did. I have learned just to trust her good Karma and positive thinking attitude and relax. Sad to say I am still a mess whenever I travel without her.

Happy Birthday to Heather!

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Hudson Fam said...

Happy Birthday Heather! I'm glad I made it on your blog. I wish we could go back there. It was the best trip I have ever been on.[don't tell my husband] love talia.