Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pie Baking 101

I baked my first pie EVER while I was dog sitting while my parents were in New Zealand. I guess the logical pie to bake would be apple based on the fact that my dad has about 9 apple trees.

So I pulled out the Martha Baking Book and found the Classic Apple Pie recipe on page 228. New equipment needed....pie plate, pie crust mix (yes I did cheat a little...babysteps right????) and evendough measures (these are rubber bands and they come in 4 sizes you put them on the end of the rolling pin to control the width of the crust as you roll it out).

My first step in baking this pie was to pull out my Grandma Sturman's rolling pin....I was sure that this alone would make my pie fantastic because she was such an amazing pie such luck. It was ok but not the greatest pie ever made. Jake came down the next day and had a slice of pie and said "it didn't taste like this when you made it yesterday did it? I bet it was much better yesterday. My dad makes such better pies than you" Oh well not to worry I have 10 more pies to make in the pie/tart section of the Martha Handbook I should have it figured out by then.....maybe.

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