Monday, November 12, 2007

I spent a fun filled Saturday with Lulu Belle and Kaycie. As part of my dog sitting duties I took Lulu Belle to the vet to have some stitches removed. After the vet we went to petsmart and bought a sparkly new collar and treats for the rest of the dogs. On the way home we made what I thought would be a quick stop at the car wash. Now if you can remember back to days when I drove the Honda I am sure you know that one of my favorite memories with the honda took place on another beautiful November afternoon last year at the cabin. Yes, this memory involves Lulu Belle stepping on the car door lock and locking me out of the Honda. Well if you thought that the Volvo was immune to the Devil Dog you were wrong.......this time she stepped on the key (yes I left the key on the seat) and locked me out. Luckily for me I was able to walk to the gas station and used the phone to call a lock smith to help me out.
While waiting for the locksmith Angie and kids drove by and helped pass the time. After the car was unlocked Kaycie came with me to help at the chocolate factory. We went to dinner with April and Kaycies boyfriend Thatcher. As we ate dinner Kaycie decided she was going to communicate with us by putting whatever she wanted to say between www. and .com. Her favorite phrase was Clever.
After dinner I remembered that I had made plans to go to a class at Pebbles in My Pocket so we ran up there, a few hours late, and played with my friends Ashley and Natasha. We had a lot of fun kaycie made lots of fun things using some of the fun paper and supplies we purchased there.

We got home late and spent some time feeding the dogs and put them in their sleeping spots the we went to bed.

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