Friday, September 21, 2007

2 Hours in Heaven

On Wednesday afternoon I got on the shuttle from the All Candy Expo to go to the Airport for my flight home from Chicago. I was in such a bad mood by the time I got to the airport because their was so much traffic and the freak show guy behind me dropped a box on my head. I got out at the American Airlines terminal my mood got worse because the terminal was so crowded and the security line was a nightmare. I went to the self check in computer and I entered my confirmation number and waited for my flight information to pop up.......finally it came up and it said you are eligible for a first class upgrade. Are you kidding me I thought. I have never flown on American Airlines how did this happen? How did American Airlines know flying first class was one of my life goals? So I took the upgrade and headed right to the first class security line which I passed through in no time. I found my gate and waited for them to call for the early boarding of first class passengers and wished there was someone I knew on this flight to see me as I sat in my huge first class seat....but no not a single person I knew.
My chair was huge and reclined so far back. I had a big fluffy blanket. They passed out water and coffee before we took off. After we were in the air the flight attendent came to my row and said "hello Nicky I am your flight attendent and I hope I can help make your flight pleasant. Tonight we have cheese tortellini or chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner which can I prepare for you?" I picked the tortellini, wrapped myself up in the fluffy blanket, reclined my seat, turned on the ipod and this is the life. My flight attendant brought me a diet coke and warmed nuts in a white ramekin. Dinner was next and it was really good. It was so much fun.
We landed in Denver and I knew the fun was over. On the flight to slc I sat in the back of the plane next to two really strange guys who kept offering me cheddar flavored ritz crackers.....Yuck. Welcome back to reality. We landed in Salt Lake and my luggage, including the bag I filled with treats from the candy show, did not want to leave our first class flight either and it did not make the denver to slc flight. It finally showed up around 7pm the next day.

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