Friday, September 21, 2007

Hogle Zoo

Jake,Kaycie Riley and I met my friend April and her son Thatcher at Hogle Zoo last saturday morning. The weather was perfect. We saw the famous white alligator ....the ghost of the bayou, a baby monkey, bears, elephants and all of the usual zoo animals.

Riley and Thatcher loved standing in front of the water spewing metal elephant.

Thatcher was so much fun to experience the zoo with. He was so excited by every animal especially the caminals (camels). He made it so much fun for the rest of us. Thatcher is such a well mannered and thoughtful kid. He always says thank you and please and usually does exactly what his mom asks him to do. April is a single mom and has does such an amazing job with Thatcher. I really admire her, it would be a hard thing to do but she does it so well.

I was so relieved that Jake came to the zoo with us. He really took charge of taking care of Riley. He pushed the stroller for most of the day and ran all over the zoo with Riley. I am so glad he was there.

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