Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stuck On The Runway

So we got to JFK and after a delay of about an hour and 2 gate changes we got on our airplane. We taxied out to the runway and it started raining harder than I have ever seen. The runway looked like a river. The pilot got on the intercom and told us that the airport and all of the runways were closed and that the spot we were in was our new home for awhile. We sat there for two hours.....awesome. The lady in the seat behind me started singing hymns in spanish. I think she started out singing Nearer My God To Thee which was a little too Titanic for me. It was freaking me out and she was really loud so I put on my headphones and played around with the music on the Delta in flight entertainment system.....which by the way is very cool. I found this song and listened to it about 15 times. I love it.........(video below)

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