Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am pleased to announce the arrival of.........

a bouncing baby Volvo.

I finally have a new car.

I don't think I realized how sad the Honda was until I started driving the Volvo. I really should be ashamed of how I took care of it but I'm not. I should have bought something a long time ago but I loved not having a car payment. I used the money i would have spent on a car on important things like handbags, trips to The Kura Door and plants at Cactus and Tropicals.

The Honda is now in the Kara parking lot and I have to say I feel a little bit sad about just leaving it there......unloved. The Honda and I have many good memories. Like the time I got stuck in the snow at the cabin and while trying to get out of the snowbank I just about ran over myself, right over my head to be exact....long really weird story. And of course there was the time after the worst week ever I went to the cabin to spend a peaceful weekend alone. On Sunday before driving home I drove the Honda down to the trash dumpster, got out of the car and walked around to the get the trash bags from the back seat and the door was locked. I walked around to the other doors and they were all locked. Yes the devil dog LuLu Belle had jumped on the lock and locked herself, Roma, and my phone in the car. Lucky for them the car was running and the a/c was on. Being a late Sunday afternoon there was no one around and I had no idea what to do. Finally someone came to the dumpster and let me use their cell phone. I was able to find a locksmith who would travel to the cabin and help me. Good thing I had all of my birthday money in my handbag to pay the locksmith....happy birthday to me. So much for my peaceful weekend. Oh the momories the Honda and I have.

So long little Honda we have had a great 200,000 miles togther.

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Wishelle said...

Nicky you forgot to tell us if it's a boy or a girl??? And have you named it yet??? I like Lucy for a girl & Ace for a boy.