Saturday, March 31, 2012

OLW March 2012

So, I am still about 2 months behind on my One Little Word projects. I just finished up the project for February. The assignment was to get out and take pictures of images that represent our OLW for 2012. As a reminder my word is Refine. I did not make it out to take pictures so I decided to pull my images from magazines I had around my house. It was so much fun. I was able to find photos for many of the areas I hope to "refine" this year. - my home (clean and redecorate), cooking, my little honey business and a few other things.

I also challenged myself with a couple of extra projects to complete during the month of March - 1-lights out by 10:00 to "refine" my energy level

2- total house detox to "refine" my house

3-1 week without TV to refine my time management.

The results of the extra challenges are mixed - lights out by 10:00 was awesome, I felt so much better in the mornings and was able to make it to work almost on time. House detox not so good - I will be continuing this in April. No tv for a week was a total flop - oh well letting this one go for awhile maybe I will try this one again during the summer.