Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disney Cruise 2012

Jake, Kaycie, Riley and I were the lucky recipients of a 7 night Disney Cruise to Mexico. My mom and Dad gave us this awesome gift for Christmas. We spent 2 nights at the Disneyland Hotel and a day at Disneyland then boarded the Disney Magic.

Disney Cruise Top 10-
1-Watching lots of movies in the theater with Jake. Jake also loved watching the Jungle Book in the cabin. I think we watched it about 4 times and he was singing the Bear Necessities song all the time.
2-Watching the movie Lilo and Stitch on a huge outdoor screen while Jake and Riley were in the swimming pool.
3- When our waiter asked my mom how she wanted her steak cooked and she thought he was asking her name so she kept saying Diana. He just looked at her with a very perplexed look on his face and kept asking her how she wanted it cooked.
4-Admiring Kaycie who went to her kids club "the Edge" on the first night all by herself and made tons of friends. By the end of the cruise I would walk to the lobby with her and she would say - that's Aaron he is from Australia and he is the booking director-. She knew a ton of ship gossip and all sorts of secret passages - there was a door almost right outside our cabin that went directly up to the buffet -who knew?
5- Jake working deals in the market in Cabo San Lucas - It seemed like he had been shopping in Mexico for years.
6- Getting Riley dressed up for Pirate Night.
7-We had an awesome room, a fantastic balcony and free ice cream cones, soda and french fries.
8- Zip Line -lets be honest I kind of hated it but it was awesome watching Jake and Kaycie. When we got to the first line Kaycie and I were talking about how nervous we were and I looked around for Jake and he was first in line, being hooked up-- then off he went....not one bit nervous flying through the air from tree to tree.
9-Watching Kaycie feed a dolphin a fish from her mouth, Riley swimming on the dolphin's stomach and Jake, the first one to go again, riding around the pool on the dolphin's back.

10- Helping my Mom prepare to give the gift (she bought a fun little Mickey Mouse countdown nutcracker), watching how excited they were when they opened the gift and preparing to go on the cruise by taking the 3 of them to Cracker Barrel for dinner and excursion planning.
Disney Cruise Bottom 3
1- I had a terrible migraine for 3 of the days and that caused me to miss the thing I was most looking forward to--Pirate Night with Turkey Legs and fireworks. Makes me so mad!
2-I had a minor tear filled nervous breakdown on the first night at dinner - this, along with steak cooked Diana (see top ten #3 above) and Kaycie having a crush on our assistant server Glennford which caused constant giggling whenever he brought anything to our table, made me certain that our servers thought we were crazy! Oh well.
3-I had to pay Jake and Kaycie $25 each to have their picture taken with a Disney character.
It was totally worth it.