Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookie Exchange Favor

My favorite part of the cookie exchange is making the favors. This year I put together a little box with a collection of goodies I gathered throughout the year. I included this little message inside the box
-----As I traveled around this year I wanted to bring a little taste of each place I visited back to you. Inside this box are treas traditional to each city or manufactured by some of my candy friends from these cities. Included are 1)San Francisco honey and cherry lovers from Gimbals Candy. 2) Hawaii- chocolate covered macadamia nuts, pineapple chews and drops from the Dole Plantation, white rabbit candy (Japan) gummy watermelon with li hinge mui powder 3) Boston Necco wafers from the new england candy company. 4) Maine dried wild blueberries and chocolate beach stones (the mold for these chocolates was made from actual stones from a beach in Maine) 5) Rum and Cherry Cordials from Koppers Candy (a large chocolate factory in the middle of New York City - Soho I think)6)Toronto chocolate bars 7) San Francisco (again) ghirardelli squares 8) minneapolis granola from bliss gourmet foods in st paul. 9) Atlanta gummy peaches. 10) New York (again) caramel apple.

I put everything in a clear little box and wrapped it with map paper and orange butchers twine.