Friday, June 24, 2011

Toronto June 2011

Purpose of Visit: Customer visit - one current and one hopefully new

Best thing I ate: cherry tomato focaccia from SOMA chocolate maker.

Somehing to remember when I come back: i went to the dufflet bakery on
east queens street and found lots of lovely little shops I need to
explore next time.

Favorite Purchase: the greatest gardening boots ever - in red gingham

Creative Inspiration: Chapters bookstore near Sherway Gardens. I love
this store I could spend hours here. Their product mix, european
magazines and merchandise displays get me everytime.

Books read during this trip: there have been a number them of because
of my stupid itenerary (SLC, Las Vegas, Toronto - and back again) I
have lots of time for reading -
Thirteen Reasons Why -Liked it
The Everygirls Guide to Life - Maria Menous-Really liked it even though I am not much of a Maria Menous fan.
People Magazine

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