Tuesday, June 21, 2011

29 Gifts

On the plane ride home from the Chicago Candy Show I read the book 29 Gifts. Our flight was held on the runway due to thunderstorms for what seemed like hours...good news is I was able to read the book from start to finish during the flight. Loved it! The author changes her whole outlook by giving a gift a day for 29 Days. So of course I decided I wanted to give it a try. Like many things I do I started strong but struggled around day 9 and then gave up. Even just doing it for 9 days was awesome and I want to try it again in a couple months. ! When I decided to do this I knew that one of my gifts would be to Kiva. I have always wanted to make a donation and have just never sat down to do it. So one night I started looking through all of the people asking for loans. I knew I wanted to loan money to a female in retail or agriculture. I am happy to report that my donation went to Rizza who operates a fruit stand. My small donation added to the donations of a few other people help Rizza get her money and she has even started paying it back.

Rizza and her Fruit Stand - I love how all of the fruit is stacked in perfect pyramids - I am guessing she knows a thing or two about visual merchandising.

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