Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doggy School Graduate

Ruby Foo graduated from puppy school last night.  I have discovered being a dog owner is hard work and expensive. 

Cons of Ruby Foo ownership- 

My house is always a mess-dog toys and shredded paper everywhere.

My carpet will need to be replaced enough said about that.

Chewed up leg on my Pottery Barn bed.

Chewed up antique suitcase.

Chewed the embellishments off of 2 pairs of shoes.

Feeling guilt when she is at home alone all day while I am at work.

Tons of money spent-vet bills to rid her of an unmentionable problem she had early on and tests and x-rays to discover she had a teeny tiny trachea which was causing her to choke and vomit whenever she drank water.  Then there is the growing collection of dog collars, treats and toys.

Pros of Ruby Foo ownership 

So far she is super sweet. 

She forces me to get up early in the AM and take her for a long walk and get to work on time.....well maybe not on time.

She is super snugly and sleeps with her head resting on my neck...I love it

Spending the last 8 weeks going to dog school with Jake and his dog Scout.  

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