Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Columbus, Ohio Can We Be Freinds?

A visit to your city is usually a treat. However during this visit I
feel like you hate me. Why? Let me tell you why-
1-the worst airplane landing ever or shall I say aborted landing,
circling the airport for 30 minutes waiting for the thunderstorm/
tornado to move on. Then the retry of the landing through black
clouds with bolts of lightening flashing all around us. For sure one
of my top 5 scary flying experiences.
2-getting to the hertz counter only to discover I had reserved a car
in Columbus...........Georgia. They of course did not have any cars available
except a Volvo. So instead of $40 a day I am paying $140 - awesome.
And the seat belt does not work.
3-my phone is being a stupid hag so I fully expect to be phoneless by
4-locked my hotel key in my room.
5-the lock on my suitcase some how got set and I don't have key

I am now locking myself in my room, crawling into my super comfy Four
Points bed and watching tv. I am hoping the rest of my time here we
can be better friends!

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