Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Align Center

So, after 3 months my doglette finally has a name. She lived for a few
weeks as Betsy Ross but my family could not grasp my vision of having
pets with the names of strong women from US history. I had dreams of a
Brussels Griffon named Abigail Adams, a giant Schnauzer named Harriet
Tubman, and perhaps a teacup potbellied pig named Eleanor Roosevelt.
On a recent trip to NYC I went to a cute little cookie shop, where I
had a delightful caramel popcorn cookie that was amazing.
As I walked
back to my hotel, on the most beautiful NYC night ever, I was thinking about the cute name of the shop, Ruby et Violette, and decided then and there that she would be named Ruby
Unless you are Riley you call her Peach, or my mom who calls her
brownie (don't worry she mostly black) or my dad who calls her coyote or Jake who just makes some clicking noise to get her attention. Poor thing is going to be so confused!

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