Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Great Bee Challenge 2009

So I am attempting beekeeping again this year. 
Last Saturday I drove to a reputable beekeeping source to purchase my package of bees. I took them and placed them in their new home placed in the middle of a fruit tree orchard.  A couple of hours later they were flying around all of the fruit trees jumping from blossom to blossom....I think these bees might just work out...much better work ethic than the ebay bees. 
As I was traveling last week I noticed that the windows and visual displays at Anthropologie are all about bees and honey.  Here are a few photos I have from the places I visited in the last week.

Boston Area
Big wild hive made from chicken wire and rolled paper.

The Gateway in SLC

Cardboard and translucent paper made to look like honeycomb.

Hanging honey bear bottles.

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DunnsHouse said...

Oh Nicky, you are so fun! I love the bee stuff too! It's been a while...how are things going for you? Hope you're doing well. I'm getting a divorce, but I'm doing a lot better now and feeling stronger. I might be coming to UT in August and would love to see you! Well off to get Jaden to school. Hope you are well. Love ya Leesa...ps...do you have facebook?