Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Favorite Finds From The Fancy Food Show

I love going to the Fancy Food Show and seeing all the new creative companies in the food industry. Here are a few of my favorites...top three are women owned by the way.......
Gourmet Cookie Dough
They package ready to slice and bake cookie dough in the same way as the pilsbury dough you buy at the local Walmart but the packaging is beautiful and the flavors are amazing Ginger Spiced Almond, Orange Pecan are just two of the six flavors they offer.

This company has taken the classic Rice Crispy Treat up a notch. They cover the rice crispy treats with toasted marshmallows, peppermint bark, caramel and coffee beans. I think the packaging is so elegant.

This is a company from Canada. They had a display of the most beautiful handcrafted marshmallows. The marshmallows were offered in vanilla, strawberry, mint, matcha tea, coffee, raspberry, coffee and toasted coconut. This company is run by a mother daughter duo and they really seem to have it all together. Their handouts, web site and retail store all looked beautifully put together.

I love this company!
They have all sorts of varietal honeys that they source from individual beekeepers around the country. The honey is made from raw, unfiltered honey from a single flower variety. It is offered in the following flavors- basswood, blueberry, buckwheat, cranberry, orange blossom, sage, sourwood, star thistle, sweet yellow clover and wild raspberry. It is amazing the wide range of flavors honey can have depending on the flower it comes from. I love that they are supporting small time beekeepers..

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