Friday, December 12, 2008

Get Well Isabel

Last Night Kaycie and I made the journey up to Primary Children's Hospital to visit Isabel. We mad a quick stop at Nordstom, Godiva and the mall food court where Kaycie ordered Chicken Noodle Soup and a fruit cup and refused to eat any french fries because she is only eating healthy foods these days.

We had fun visiting with Izzy. She and Kaycie worked on a couple of coloring projects while Izzy told us about all of the things she has been doing while in the hospital. Some of the cool things include ordering from the 6 page room service menu (she was eatting what looked like a very yummy corndog when we got there), visiting the arts and crafts room, getting a stuffed animal from the Utah Highway Patrol, watching movies and the disney channel all day long and Rootbeer flavored Lortab. I think Kaycie was very impressed with the way Issy was being treated and after seeing all the stitches in her neck and head was impressed with how brave she is. More info about Chiari Malformation and photo of more stitches than I have ever seen in my life here.

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Corrales Clan said...

She had fun visiting with you guys. Thanks for coming and bringing all the fun goodies.