Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookie Exchange 2008

This past weekend I hosted a cookie exchange. These are the little invitations I sent out. The boxes were filled with Christmas Candy and tied off with a glittery ornament and mini spatula.

Cookie Exchange 2008 was held at my parents house this year so I was able to increase the guest list. I think there were around 20 people who each brought 5 dozen cookies for a total of 1200 cookies...thats a lot of cookies.

I purchased cheese from Liberty Heights Fresh for a cheese tray. My favorite was named Barely Buzzed and is manufactured by a local cheese company the Beehive Cheese Company.

It was a white cheddar with a ground coffee bean and lavender rind. I loved it and now want to try other cheeses made by this company.

There were 4 cookie exchange prizes and here are the results-

Best Cookie-Samantha
Oreo Cookie

Most Festive - Casey and Kendra
Chocolate Punguins and Cherry Mice
(These were so cute why don't I have a photo?)

Creative Ingredient-Aunt Heidi
Carrot Cookies
(creative ingredient carrots)

Cutest Recipe Card-Jill
Raspberry Cookies

Cookie Exchange Favors-

Mugs from Williams Sonoma
cello bag of hot chocolate
dried apple trail mix made with apples my dad dried from his apple tree behind his house.
Thanks to everyone who came to my cookie exchange and start looking for cookie recipes for next the date always the first weekend in December!


Nate & Suzy said...

you are always so creative when you put things together! these are so cute.

This is Us! said...

Thank you for hosting this every year. I always look forward to it.

Brit said...

I looove the invitations! I like to think I would have been invited if I still lived there, cuz I'm sad I didn't get to go. =)

The Duncan Family said...

Thank you so much! You did a fantastic job hosting! I would be happy to help you next year if you need. Thanks again! That carmel apple bread was amazing!(from the gift you gave) I let Kaycie sample it today.

Tiffany said...

Looks fun!! I know, I know...I am such a JACK-A for not coming. I hear I am not invited next year (sob), but I still love you!!

P.S. Do you know where I can find some divinity? I was going to make it, but I think I should just but it since my cooking skills are not up to par! :)

mgwallins said...

Hey Beehive Cheese is about 5 minutes from my house! Courtney