Monday, November 17, 2008

Blog of Neglect

So I have spent the last two months on projects that seem to have taken complete control of my life-
If you are interested here they are -
This project caused me to have a tear filled melt down at work.......such the professional. Please don't ever ask me about it or you may witness a melt down repeat.

2-Secret Project
I can't talk about this yet but here is a photo hint. And no it does not involve me becoming a lingerie model ha....sorry to put that image in your mind.

3-Making the Season Bright
Helping get this place in the holiday spirit. Ho Ho Ho.

Yuck! I can not wait until December 26th thats all I am saying.

1 comment:

KeeKee said...

Umm... Are you applying for a job at Victoria's Secret? From selling chocolate, to pots and pan, to "foundations" as my Mom mockingly calls them. All in a days work:)