Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Starting Tomorrow........

.....I am going on a huge diet. But tonight I am having dinner at the Metropolitan in SLC with my friend Holly and I can't wait! I have checked out the menu three times today. I am debating between the Ratoil (I have no idea what this) and the barramundi (risotto). I am making a nefarious plan to throw caution to the wind and eat a ton of food and spend a lot of money.

Update- I think Holly won the food ordering contest, again, with this delightful little dish of mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms in a little philo cup. It was so delish and also very cute to look at.

I ordered Barramundi and despite my original assumption it is not risotto but fish. It was great. It was served on top of black pepper risotto.

For dessert Holly ordered the Licorice Root Panna Cotta. This was great. It had just a slight hint of licorice. I think she won for the best dessert also.

I ordered the mango upside down cake served with black pepper ice cream.

I had such a fun time going to dinner with Holly. I am already saving my money so I can go back when they start serving the spring menu.

Also, the Metropolitan was featured in the Wall Street Journal. It looks like it is from series of articles called Power Tables. They include a floor plan of the restaurants and who usually sits at which table. You can read the article here. Here is a floor plan of the Metropolitan. Guess where Holly and I sat......
Ha Ha Table number 1 The A++ Power Table.


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Good job, you used the word. I don't think I can. But the dinner sounds fantabulous, well except for fish.