Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rescue Me!!!!

Yesterday I found out someone was using my name, address and birth date to apply for credit cards over the internet. Nice! I put a fraud alert on my credit report. I was worrying about some freak ruining my credit score as I left my house this morning and just as I shut my door I realized I left my keys inside and now I was locked out. As the snow began to fall I called a couple of people who were not home and then thought who can help me? I called my cousin Tiffany and she came right over and rescued me!!! I found a key at my parents house and was able to get in and get my keys. As I was driving to work in a blizzard I thought about how grateful I was to Tiffany for helping me out. If she was not around to help me I would have been sitting outside in a blizzard.
Thanks Tiffany You Are Great!!!


tbringhurst said...

No problem!! I'm glad your dad had a key for you. However, Kambree and Ryder kind of liked the idea of "Mickey" hanging out with us all day!!!!

The Duncan Family said...

Hi Nicky, it's Samantha. I was wondering if you left this really great present on my porch. It didn't have a card with it and I was guessing it was you.